We’re All The Same | 我们都一样

Band :
Title : We're All The Same | 我们都一样
Release Date : November 20, 2007
Label :
Format : CD

We’re All The Same – 我们都一样 (2007)

We’re all the same is the 2007 full length Chinese language album by SIRIS. The album contains 12 songs (10 Chinese and 2 English with Chinese). The album was recorded over a span of 15 months and was originally intended as a double Chinese / English album featuring 2 separate CD’s. The original English counterpart to “We’re All The Same” is the SIRIS album “8″ released in 08/09 and then re-mastered for a re-release in 2012. Track List

  • What’s The Reason (shi shen me dao li)
  • I Was Chinese In My Last Life (wo shang bei zi shi zhong guo ren)
  • Happiness (Xing Fu)
  • China (zhong guoi)
  • Little Idol (xiao ou xiang)
  • We’re All The Same (wo men dou yi yang)
  • Sprite (xue bi)
  • Give Me Freedom (gei wo zi you)
  • I Am Your Love (wo jiu shi ni de ai)
  • I Don’t Blindly Believe (bu mang mu de xiang xin)
  • Shanghai Moon
  • Heaven On Earth (ren jian tian tang)
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