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Keyi & SIRIS – Radio Show
Remembering Sichuan
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    Patrick Maley - Video Series

    Patrick Maley is introducing a new online drum instructional series. The first sample installment has just been uploaded. You can watch it here!

    New Album - Coming 2015

    A new Siris album is on the way for 2015, entitled "Two Sides of Insanity". Stay connected and stay tuned for more information on the forthcoming album!
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    SIRIS On Air - 92.3FM

    SIRIS is hosting a new Chinese language radio show each week on San Francisco's 92.3FM. Make sure you tune in every Friday at 1pm for all the fun.

    Lifetime - Coming Home

    SIRIS has recently collaborated with award winning composer Doug Bossi on a new song "Return To Me" which is currently being played on the Lifetime Channel's popular TV series "Coming Home".
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    Patrick Maley - Drum Instructional Video Series

    Patrick Maley is introducing a new online drum instructional series. The first sample installment has just recently been uploaded. You can watch it here!

    Doug Bossi - BMI Award

    Doug Bossi was recently awarded two BMI Awards for his outstanding compositions for Discovery's Flying Wild Alaska and ABC's Secret Millionaire. You can also enjoy Doug's guitar playing on many SIRIS tunes. Big congrats to Doug!
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    SIRIS on Sound Cloud

    SIRIS Music is now available on Sound Cloud. You can now listen to, rate and share all of your favorite SIRIS tunes with ease, on Sound Cloud!


    SIRIS has launched a new blog at SIRIS.TV. Fans from around the world can comment on the latest entries and check out the monthly Vlog. It's no holds barred at SIRIS.TV!
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Did You Know?

SIRIS was the first non-Chinese artist in music history to release original Chinese language music with their debut album "Till My Last Breath" in 1996

in 2003, the SIRIS single "Beautiful Angel" was the first Chinese language song to be sold on Apple's iTunes. The song has since been downloaded over 1 million times.

Did You Realize?

The SIRIS song "God Bless Sichuan" was the most listened to Chinese song on the internet in 2008 and 2009 and reached the #1 spot as the most listened to song of all time on's music chart. Today the song still remains in the top 10.

In 2010 SIRIS performed to over 200,000 people at a live outdoor concert in Guangdong China. The concert was broadcast live and seen by over 300 million people.

SIRIS News Feed

Two Sides of Insanity

SIRIS has announced plans for a brand new album in late 2015 entitled "Two Sides of Insanity". The New Album is currently in production. Check back soon for more details!

SIRIS Re-Releases 8

SIRIS is pleased to announce the remastered re-release of "8" now available on iTunes and everywhere music is sold.

Patrick Maley Video Series

Patrick Maley is producing a new online drum tutorial series. You can watch the first cut, right here!
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