Forever Cherishing Your Love – 永遠珍惜你的愛

Remastered Digital Release: January 19, 2024
Original Release: 1997

About the Song: Forever Cherishing Your Love (永遠珍惜你的愛) is a single from SIRIS’s debut Chinese language album released in 1997. The song was produced by SIRIS and engineered by Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (known for his work with The Roots and Erykah Badu). The track features guitarist Doug Bossi (The Mustard Seeds, David Coverdale, Los Lobotomys) and percussionist Pablo Batista (Alicia Keys, Patti Labelle).

Historical Milestone: SIRIS originally released this single on their debut album, marking them as the first Western artists in music history to write, perform, produce, and release original songs in both Chinese and English languages.

Digital Revival: The updated digital release has been enhanced and remastered, breathing new life into this classic. It was officially distributed to streaming platforms on January 19, 2024.


  • Michael Maley – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Patrick Maley – Drums
  • Doug Bossi – Guitar
  • Pablo Batista – Percussion
  • Kjell Benner – Bass
  • Jeff Von Stenz – Trumpet

Production Details: Produced by SIRIS and engineered by David Ivory