8 (2009 – remastered 2012 re-release)

The SIRIS album “8″ is an artistic achievement featuring a cohesive mix of finely tuned songs with a conceptual “life” theme, taking the listener on an emotional journey. The album features the SIRIS Chinese hit single 上天祝福四川 “God Bless Sichuan”. The song has become one of the most downloaded songs and most watched music videos in China. The song features the powerful political anthem “A Trip To Nowhere” and the uplifting and inspiring “You’ll Be Okay”. The driving sounds of “Breathe” and the emotional ballad “No Matter What” have become fan favorites. The album was originally released as a free double CD with “We’re All The Same”. Since its release the album has been downloaded over 700,000 times. In 2012, the album was remastered and re-released as the original 8 song work it was intended to be.

  • A Trip To Nowhere
  • You’ll Be Okay
  • Breathe>
  • No Matter What
  • Light My Soul
  • You Are
  • A World of Evil Men
  • God Bless Sichuan