SIRIS - Album Cover - Till My Last Breath

Till My Last Breath (1997)

In the summer of 1997 SIRIS recorded their historic debut Chinese album entitled “Till My Last Breath.” The album was the first original Chinese language album ever recorded by a Western artist, duo or group. The historic CD included an eclectic mix of music.  Among the key songs featured on the album were, “Yong Yuan Zhen Xi Ni De Ai”, “Meng Mei Yi Qiu”, and an early version of “Ai Ni Yi Ru Wang Xi” which would later be re-recorded and re-released as a single on the 2005 “Xing Fu” Album. Till My Last Breath also contained an earlier version of the 2007 Chinese single, “Shi Shen Me Dao Li” and an earlier version of the 2001 re-release “Ma Ma Hu Hu.”

  • Yong Yuan Zhen Xi Ni De Ai
  • Ai Ni Yi Ru Wang Xi
  • Meng Mei Yi Qiu
  • Shi Shen Me Dao Li
  • Ma Ma Hu Hu
  • Till My Last Breath
  • I’ll Always Love You