SIRIS – New Albums on the Way For 2022

We’re happy to announce our plans for two four new albums this year. They will include the “Best of SIRIS” Albums  commemorating 25 years of our joyous music making career. These albums will be released in 2022 and will include two separate releases “The Best of SIRIS – The Chinese Songs” and “The Best of SIRIS – The English Songs”. We’ll also be releasing a brand new album of new material entitles “A World So Blind” and another instrumental (piano and orchestral) album entitles “Reflections of Life”. It’s hard to believe 25 years has gone by so fast but we’re happy to still be making music and going strong.

We’re excited to share this new music with you.

Looking Forward

2020 and 2021 were crazy and challenging years for the world. We’re sending blessings to everyone for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2022.

Much Peace and Love!