I recently released a new Chinese book called “Spiritual Wisdom – A guidebook to the meaning of life” (or in Chinese) 灵感的智慧--人生指南。The book shares in great detail many of my personal spiritual life experiences and shares some tidbits of wisdom that I hope will help people better understand the meaning of life.  The book is currently shipping in Asia.  All proceeds from the book go to very worthy charities to fight poverty and to help young children and families  who are less fortunate.

Along with the new book, we’re offering new music. There are several new instrumentals that we’ll be releasing as part of this offering. The songs will be available soon online wherever music is sold.  All proceeds from this music will also go to charity. In doing this, our goal is to help spread some good positive energy. We’re here on Earth for a short time. Whatever we can do to spread some love, let’s do it. So without further ado, I’m happy to present a new instrumental called “Fei Tian” 飞天.  Hope you enjoy. Much peace & love!!

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