Luciano Pavarotti – The One and Only Maestro

The angelic singing of Luciano Pavarotti is the subject of today’s blog.  When we think of music and singing, we all have varied tastes. Our preferences are wide ranging. That’s the beauty of art, in any form. There’s always something for everyone. I grew up appreciating the Italian traditions on my mother’s side. There was never a lack of appreciation for art or music. My mom’s father was an exceptional singer and my grandmother had an equally beautiful voice. She sang Italian songs to us all the time.

Music also permeated the gene pool on my father’s side. He had us listening to classical music at an early age. His father was a violinist and his mother was a pianist. My mother and father, although not musicians, had a strong musical sense and very good taste in music.  Needless to say, music flowed strong on both sides of the family. We felt the influence and heeded the call.

Who is This Guy Named Luciano

The first time I heard of Pavarotti, I was a young boy sitting at the dining room table. I was eight years old. My grandmother and our Aunt Mimi were over for our traditional Sunday afternoon dinner. They started talking about music. The subject of Italian singers came up and they talked about two of their favorites Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Then Aunt Mimi paused and said “But there’s only one king”. She gave heaping praise to some guy named Luciano, who everyone knew except me. She said emphatically “there’s no one like Pavarotti.” That was back in 1979; practically another lifetime ago. Both ladies talked about Pavarotti with the utmost admiration and reverence. Their praise of his talent had me very curious.

Aunt Jo Jo’s Record Collection

After hearing Aunt Mimi and my grandmother speak so glowingly of Pavarotti, it wasn’t until months later that I was sitting at my Aunt Jo Jo’s house that I had my first experience with the Maestro. I remember Aunt Jo showing me her record collection. Low and behold, she pulled out a Pavarotti record. He was a big burly man with a beard, I thought to myself. I wondered what this guy sounded like.

Aunt Jo proudly talked about Pavarotti and the Italian opera. She was a very cultured woman; erudite, fashionable and well read.  She possessed a broad knowledge of many things. I appreciated that. She was also deaf.  So what little she could hear, she embraced and didn’t take for granted; which made me even more cognizant of how fortunate I was. She played the record for me and that was the first time I ever listened to this talented man. I was blown away by the power and passion in his voice. This was something new and refreshing to my ears. It was an education that I needed and gladly embraced.  My first impression was a great one.  This would be another integral addition to my early childhood influences.  If my memory serves me correct, I believe it was the album: “Luciano Pavarotti ‎– O Sole Mio – Favorite Neapolitan Songs.”

The Angelic Singing of Luciano Pavarotti

Pavarotti had the voice of an angel. Every time I hear him sing, I can feel those vibrations hit my soul. Every time I hear him sing “Nesun Dorma”, it makes me want to cry. It never fails. The same goes for “Ave’ Maria”, “Vesti La Giubba” or “Santa Lucia Luntana.” When a voice or music can so deeply resonate with the spirit, that’s the essence of true talent; talent that is Heaven sent.  That’s the true power and awe inspiring beauty of music.

Thirteen Years Later

It’s been thirteen years since Pavarotti passed away. Today marks that anniversary. His singing and presence were larger than life. His skill, emotion and passion were second to none.  I’m fortunate to have been exposed to this music at such an early age because it expanded my musical horizons and also created a standard of music within me, that I felt all musicians had to live up to.  Having a high level of music appreciation is a doorway to emotional and spiritual connectivity. Most importantly, it allows us to explore a much larger canvas of musical colors and artistic possibilities.

The angelic singing of Luciano Pavarotti inspired me and broadened my musical horizons and aspirations. On the anniversary of Pavarotti’s passage home, I just want to take this moment to thank the Maestro for expanding my musical horizons, while touching my heart and soul like few artists have ever done. Grazie Maestro!

~ Michael   (SIRIS)


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