It’s a Very Simple Truth!

We are all equal in the eyes of God. Jesus taught us a very important lesson, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. For every one who faithfully follows God, all life is precious. All life should be loved, cherished and protected. That includes the born and the unborn.  So it’s right and reasonable for all God loving people on earth to defend the sanctity of life and joyously proclaim that all of us are precious members of this wonderful human experience. All of us are brothers and sisters participating and learning in this classroom called life. Therefore, it is undeniable that all of our precious lives matter to God and should matter to one another. We are all interconnected spiritually. We are all deeply connected by our common human experience. There is nothing false about these statements. We are all God’s children. We are all siblings embraced by the same creator.  We all belong to one family!

The Deception of Lost Souls

There are members of our beautiful human family who want to consistently divide the human race into colors, for the sake of pushing a particular political agenda.  For them it is a strategy to divide and conquer. They do not care about spiritual salvation. They do not care about the personal well-being of others. They only care about their own earthly wealth, status and power. They are blinded by their lust for power. They are only motivated by greed and they never consider the consequences of their own actions. They don’t even consider the fragility of their own human mortality. These people have sold their souls for earthly gain. They’ll do everything in their power to destroy the lives of others who do not submit to their power or way of thinking. 

As Jesus hung on the cross, he said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.  At the deepest levels of spiritual understanding, these lost souls are unaware of the evil they are committing and equally unaware of the path of spiritual self destruction they have chosen.  That is why we must pray for them.  

The Distraction

There are relentless attempts to distract us from our true nature. Satan uses various means to confuse us into believing that we are divided. He preys on the weak. It’s an attempt to strip us of our self awareness in knowing how special we truly are in the eyes of God.  Those who have sold their souls also prey on the weak.  From an earthly perspective, they are consciously aware of what they are doing, but they fail to fully understand the spiritual consequences of their wrongdoing. In the end, their wretched behavior will be their undoing.

God’s Justice

God’s justice is infinitely perfect. It is an all encompassing, self correcting form of justice that we can not escape. In life, we get what we give. We reap what we sow. Our mission here on earth is to perfect ourselves, not to gain earthly treasure. Remember the “Golden Rule”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Listen to your conscience. Listen to that little voice in the pit of your stomach that tells you not to do something when you’re about to do something wrong. That’s your compass. That’s the voice of God. If you listen to that voice, you will never go astray. None of us are exempt from God’s universal justice.

Coordinated Unrest

Recently, in America and throughout the world, we’ve seen many coordinated efforts to foment civil and racial unrest by various political organizations, politicians, and the media.  The ones who primarily push, fund and control this agenda are the ones who have sold their souls.  These people use deceit, manipulation, coordination and subversion to control the population.  The vast majority of people on earth are very good, decent, peace loving human beings. It’s only a very small group of power hungry people who are creating and orchestrating this unrest. They work together to develop, promote and control different narratives in order to brainwash the populace into thinking they have our best interests at heart. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, they don’t want you to know the truth. If humanity awakened to the truth of their nefarious ways, their lies would be exposed, and their power would be diminished. These people will do everything in their power to keep dividing humanity in order to satisfy their insatiable desire for more power, wealth and control.

The Deep Void

These people are lost souls trying to convince you that they know what is best for you. They have very deep voids in their hearts. Their capacity to love is tainted by the deep self-hatred they possess. Their self loathing is real and they outwardly project this hatred onto the rest of the world. They scream loudly and destroy everything in their path, not because they believe what they do is righteous, but because they are emotionally and spiritually scarred. Their anger and hatred is actually a collective, perverted and desperate outcry for help. This by no means excuses their actions. Their actions are a manifestation of their lack of love, lack of God, lack of spiritual and self awareness. Whatever the origins of their personal troubles may be; a broken family, lack of familial love, physical, mental, psychological, sexual, or even substance abuse, these tormented souls deserve our greatest sympathy, but they are not excused from harming humanity. While we pray for them and hope they one day see the light, we must also defend ourselves against them and their transgressions. We can not save those who choose not to be saved. We also can not stand idly by and allow these people to inflict harm on the rest of a peace loving world.

Creating Chaos With A Smile

These people are very calculating and skillfully adept at creating very large crises, with the underlying strategy of providing authoritarian solutions to the problems they create; all done in order to seize and consolidate power. Betrayal is always done with a kiss. It’s a way of portraying and projecting an altruistically heroic and valiant image of themselves, while manipulating and controlling the message and the masses. It’s always about power to them. That is why division is their strategy of choice. To them, proclaiming your love of God or uniting for the common good of all people is an existential threat to their power. They do not want peace. They want total control over you at all costs and they do not want you questioning their authority.

Thought Police & The Cancel Culture

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of any kind is a threat to their power. You must agree with them or be damned. They create chaos with a smile and destroy anyone who does not submit to their ideology. They blame and vilify you for the very crimes they commit. They maniacally police your thoughts, while declaring verbal warfare that defies truth, logic, objectivity and all rational thinking. To them, the meaning of everything good is turned upside down and pulled inside out.  Love equals hate, good equals bad, truth equals lies, and rational thinking is irrational behavior. They have created a new 21st century cancel culture that desecrates, defiles, demeans, dishonors, destroys, and defames anyone who opposes their narrow and distorted world view. Their seething hatred for anyone with a differing point of view is palpable. They would rather you be dead than alive.  Satan is the great deceiver. He works overtime on the weak. These people are the weakest of the weak. They scream the loudest and are given the greatest platforms to spew their hatred.  They have been deceived by the great deceiver. In the end, they only have themselves to blame. They have become willing participants in their own self destruction and we must pray for them.

We Belong To The Human Race

While we’re here on earth, we belong to only one race. The human race.  We’re all connected spiritually, whether you like it or not.  We don’t get to selfishly pick and choose which lives matter, just as we didn’t choose which nationality or complexion we’d have when we came to this world. We don’t have the right to kill, harm or mistreat our brothers and sisters just because we look different or have differences of opinion or ideology. We all must be willing to stand for good and defend each other as one family, regardless of the color of our skin.

We Are Spiritual Beings

We come from spirit and we will return to spirit. Let’s not forget, we are here for a very limited time and we will all eventually die one day. This is an undeniable truth. Our human flesh is merely a vehicle that helps our spirit navigate through this human experience. It’s a very valuable learning experience. Those manipulating humanity for their own personal gain are deathly afraid of you knowing your true power and potential. They need to constantly find new ways to manipulate our emotions to satisfy their lust for political power and gain. They effectively accomplish this through entertainment and the media. When you see and experience life through a higher spiritual lens, there’s no such thing as racial division. In fact, earthly problems cease to exist when we treat our life challenges as valuable learning experiences, rather than “problems”.

Proper Perspective

We must keep things in proper perspective.  Our life challenges on earth are designed to help us improve.  We must embrace these challenges and do everything we can to help ourselves and others reach higher levels of spiritual understanding. That’s why we are here. That’s why we’re all together in this world. Knowing the truth matters!  So let’s get our emotions in check. Turn off your TV, internet, cell phone and turn your inner light on. You’ll find that through prayer and in the deepest quiet hidden recesses of your mind, greater messages await.

A Reminder

The ones who want to control us, have very little self control.  They lack self love and self respect.  They are hypocrites, liars, and thieves of the highest order. They sacrifice wisdom for the illusion of power, while failing to comprehend that wisdom is both virtue and power. Don’t be mistaken. They are very afraid.  They are afraid to face the truth in all things pertaining to the meaning of life, afraid to sincerely and honestly face themselves and most definitely afraid to face God. They have strayed so far away from the truth that they are unwilling to accept personal responsibility for their actions. They have lost their way and can no longer find themselves. Their moral compass is broken. Their plight is self inflicted. Their torment is of their own doing.

In all of their attempts to win at all costs, they fail to see that they have already lost. Since they choose not to accept their higher selves and gain favor with God, they remain mired in the fear of the “unknown”. They are afraid to die, so they desperately seek and hang onto the meaningless earthly adornments of their rapidly fading human existence. They are completely blinded by their own ignorance.  Instead of embracing their true nature and all of their God given potential, they have surrender themselves to the temptations of a shallow material world, littered with the empty promises and dreams of their own delusions.  These are the weak leading the weak.  Many of these weak people are thrust into positions of great influence and power on earth because they are easily controlled and manipulated like puppets by their equally weak and tormented puppet masters. The blind are leading the blind. We must whole heartedly pray for them to awaken from their slumber, turn to God and find salvation.

Final Thoughts

Please guard yourselves in these times. Remain prayerful and steadfast. The spiritual battle is real. Do not be disheartened by what you see or hear during these times. The challenges we face on earth are meant to refine and strengthen us. They are meant to provide us with greater wisdom and understanding. Embrace the truth in all things and let God be your guide.  Stay happy, stay strong, stay faithful, stay bold, be courageous and Always Be Blessed!

~ Michael (SIRIS)


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