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The Moon Represents My Heart

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Forever Cherishing Your Love – 永遠珍惜你的愛

Forever Cherishing Your Love - 永遠珍惜你的愛 January 19, 2024: We're very pleased to announce the digital release of our 1997 Chinese single, 永遠珍惜你的愛 (Forever Cherishing Your Love). The single was initially released on our debut Chinese CD of the same name. We enhanced the original recording a few years ago and recently remastered it for this release. We're thrilled to finally make it available online! The song was engineered by [...]

SIRIS Breathes New Life Into The Bee Gees’ 1967 Classic Hit

SIRIS Breathes New Life Into The Bee Gees' 1967 Classic Hit PRESS RELEASE Nashville, Jan 12, 2024: SIRIS breathes new life into The Bee Gees' 1967 classic hit 'New York Mining Disaster 1941.' The Maley brothers pay heartfelt homage to the Gibb brothers and the Bee Gees legacy, delivering breathtaking harmonies and an arrangement that embodies the spirit and essence of the original. This cover promises to resonate deeply with [...]

SIRIS – We Three Kings

SIRIS - We Three Kings We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We're happy to share our short rendition of "We Three Kings", inspired by an arrangement previously done by the Beach Boys. We often sang this particular harmony arrangement growing up and we're happy to share it with you now. We'd like to extend our warmest wishes to everyone for a very happy and blessed holiday season. May the [...]

SIRIS Releases New Instrumental – Yan Guo Chang Kong 雁過長空

雁過長空 – Across the Endless Horizon We're pleased to announce the forthcoming release of an instrumental track called, 雁過長空 – (Yan Guo Chang Kong) also known in English as, “Across the Endless Horizon”. Originally planned for release two years ago, the track was shelved and recently remixed. We're happy to announce the official release date of December 8, 2023, available on all streaming platforms. “Yan Guo Chang Kong” takes its [...]


SIRIS - Promo shot 2007

For close to thirty years, SIRIS has preserved a tradition of artistic expression through music which continues to stand the test of time. SIRIS are the first western artists, duo or group to write, produce, release and perform original Chinese and English songs. Three decades of producing music in two languages has culminated into a lifelong journey of promoting cultural unity through music; This love of music has afforded SIRIS longevity, critical acclaim and an undying passion to continue producing music that is listened to and loved by fans worldwide.



Tina Turner: A Rock and Roll Legend

Tina Turner: A Rock and Roll Legend Who Transformed Music and Will Forever Be Missed To start off, I’ll keep it simple. I grew up listening to Tina Turner and I’m better off for it. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to grow up in an era where her voice reverberated throughout the world of my youth.  I was truly saddened by the news of her passing. She […]

The Emotional, Spiritual and Human Touch of Creating Music

As a song writer and composer, I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating music. By nature, we are all creative beings. Anything we do creatively is an extension or reflection of our spiritual selves. I wholeheartedly believe that. What I enjoy most about the creative process of music is the inspiration I receive each day. As many of you know, when inspiration comes, it hits you like a bolt of […]

Chester Thompson – A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise When looking back at my life, it’s sometimes hard to say which moments were “defining” moments!  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve spent more time reflecting on life than I used to. There's one moment that I can say, without a doubt, was a defining moment for me. That moment was when I first saw Chester Thompson play the drums! It was around 1990. I was still in [...]

SIRIS, Hugh Padgham And That Time In London

It was a cool, cloudy day in London on July 9, 2006. Nothing out of the ordinary for most Brits. No matter how cliche' it might sound, there always seems to be a light drizzle in parts of England, on any given day. This day was no different. That's not to say there aren't sunny days in England, but comparatively speaking, they always seem to be in shorter supply. At [...]

SIRIS – Celebrating 25 Years | 赛日25年